Yad L’shliach—reaching out to Shluchim

Yad L’Shliach is a innovative fund which grants Shluchim personal financial gifts. Yad L'Shliach is a project of Keren Yaakov Moshe, a gemach established in memory of Harav R' Yaakov Moshe Hakohen Friedman.

How Yad L’Shliach works

Shluchim who want to help ease some of the personal financial burden of fellow Shluchim, contribute to the Fund by donation via their credit card. The Fund disburses money to Shluchim once a month in the form of $1,000 gifts. These are not donations to their institution, rather, it is a personal gift to the shliach and his family. (Of course, if he should choose to use it for his moisad he is welcome to do so.)

Shluchim who would like to benefit from this Fund apply online and are placed on a queue.

The gifts will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. If, however, a shliach has a pressing need, he can request expedited queue placement. In addition, his family and/or friends can contact Yad L’shliach and recommend expedited queue placement for that shliach. (A pressing need could be anything from an upcoming simcha to a general financial situation.)

Shluchim are also urged to encourage their friends and family among Anash to contribute to the fund as well.

Who is eligible?

Any shliach, working in the Misgeres of Shlichus as defined by the Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch, can go to the Shluchim Form page and apply for a gift. There are no other qualifications. A shliach need not be a contributor in order to be a recipient.


Yad L’Shliach will be overseen by a small committee. On the committee currently are Shlomo Friedman Avrohom Friedman and Yochanan Friedman.